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Lacrosse Efforts

Yesterday, the Lacrosse Team had some matches against other schools and they made it through to the knockout stage and even won one of their knockout matches before being defeated.
Although they didn’t win, Class 4 is still proud of them! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Friday Rewards!

It’s Friday and in Class 4 two lucky children had won the GOLDEN AWARD! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lonnie The Learner. Anyway, back to the awards: the two children were Ivy and Reilly. Well Done! Listen, some good news, I have spotted many Outstanding Learners this week, someone even got two Outstanding Learner stickers! ๐Ÿ™‚ Class 4 is great for Outstanding Learners so I’m glad I came here. They also are excellent writers and mathematicians!

‘Outstanding Learner’ Superhero!


Isobel is one of a few children who have won a contest at our school. The contest was to design an ‘Outstanding Learner’ superhero. Isobel’s winning superhero (shown above) is called Lonnie The Learner! In the contest, the prize was to get a teddy of the fantastic superhero you had created! ๐Ÿ™‚ You might see a lot of him on the blog in his special updates, on who has been an outstanding learner and he will tell you how he is getting on!

The Lusitania


In Class 4 we have been learning about the Lusitania, a ship that traveled in 1915(in WW1). You may not believe this but it got shot down in one by torpedo! Many of us in class 4 had never even heard of the Lusitania until Mrs W told us about it and we even watched a film. The film was terrifying and so moving. We have done super writing and we hope to share it with you soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Class 4 News Reporters!

We have had great fun in English this week! We have been writing transcripts and performing our news reports, based around our topic. Look out for us on BBC News, watch out Trevor McDonald!
















Exciting Earthquake Research!

This week, we have been investigating part of our topic further. The children chose their own groups, using resources in the classroom to create an information poster. The children then presented their work to the rest of the class if they wanted to. What a fantastic job Class 4 have done!








Our visit to Hewlett Court

Today, ten children from Class 4 visited the residents at Hewlett Court. The children read some of their writing from Big Write sessions, spoke to the residents about things they enjoy doing in school, played games, sang Christmas songs and enjoyed a biscuit and a drink. The children have had a fantastic time!














The Man on the Moon has spoken!

In our English session yesterday, we replied to our partner’s letter. We used skills to imagine we were The Man on the Moon, as well as using empathy skills.

Please read some of our letters:

Moon Lane, Outer Space

Ella D
Summerseat Primary, Bury
Rowlands Road

8th December 2015

Dear Madam,
I am writing to you to ask you some questions and answer yours too.
First, the moon is made of cheese (I think so anyway), it is like cheddar with a pinch of brie.
Next, you asked how do I eat on the moon? Well actually I found a plan on the moon when I landed and it grew into a big tomato plant, which I water every day. I have a tomato after I go for a walk around the moon, so I am very healthy. Do you know we donโ€™t have any chocolate on the moon?
Finally, you asked if anyone comes to look after me, well all of my friends are dead now and you are the only one that has written to me in sixty years, so I am very lonely!
I have to ask you a few questions myself, first has earth changed since 1952? Does Santa still come to your house? Santa always forgets to stop off at the moon. Finally, do you have a Christmas list, if so, what is on it?

Yours sincerely,
The Man on the Moon.

By Sam

Moon Lane, Outer Space

Imogen S
Summerseat Primary, Bury
Rowlands Road

8th December 2015

Dear Madam,
I am writing to answer the questions that you have sent to me. It is good that you are interested in physics and astronomy. Are you going to be a scientist when you are older? I do not know what Minecraft is, but back to the questions.
I agree with you, WI-FI is epic, I remember it from when I was on earth. But no, sadly, we do not have any WI-FI.
We, sorry โ€˜Iโ€™ eat the moon cheese, so yes the moon is made from cheddar cheese but it gets a bit boring. I do not have any family, they all died and I find it very rude to ask, but I am NOT an alien.
Although I have never met Neil Armstrong, he wasnโ€™t the first person to land on the moon, he never actually got to the moon.
I am running out of ink, so I have to end this quickly. I hope you write back.

Yours sincerely,
Man on the Moon.

By Hannah – Mae

Moon Lane, Outer Space

Hannah W
Summerseat Primary, Bury
Rowlands Road

8th December 2015

Dear Madam,
Hello it is the man on the moon and I am writing back to you to answer your questions. I really hope I can answer everything.
The first thing you asked was how do I survive? Well the answer to that is a really do not know.
Yes Hannah, I do eat cheese and I have been on the moon for 40 years now, so I am used to it.
Well to make my house, I found some parts from an old rocket that was crushed, so I melted some moon cheese and stuck them together.
No, I have no clue where my clothes came from, I just found them.
How did I get on the moon? Great question! Well I went up in a rocket with all my fellow astronauts and our rocket crashed, everyone died except me! There are no other people on the moon, but I have seen many strange creatures.
Yours sincerely,
Man on the Moon.

By Sian

Moon Lane, Outer Space

Amy F
Rowlands Road
Summerseat Primary

8th December 2015

Dear Madam,
I am called Bob, I am 63 years old and live on the moon. I am writing to reply to your questions you asked me.

I get my food from the cheese moon, it is my favourite type of cheese. I sometimes pretend the moon is a trampoline and I sometimes go looking for treasure. I donโ€™t know how I breathe, Iโ€™ll try and find out!

My house is made of wooden planks and meteors. I do have pets and that is a very good question, I have humongous, green aliens.

I have met an astronaut but he went back down to earth quick when he saw me.

Yours sincerely,

By Hannah F

The Man on the Moon…can you hear us?

This week in our English sessions, we are focusing on the Christmas John Lewis advert – The Man on the Moon. In today’s session, we have written a letter to The Man on the Moon, including questions which we would like to ask him. Take a look at some of our questions:

‘Me and my family keep ourselves warm by turning the heating on, or occasionally putting the fire on in winter. It must be freezing on the moon, how do you keep warm, especially in the ice, cold winter?’ – Lily.

‘Now, I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do you do the same and if you do, where do you get your food from?’ – Olivia.

‘I really want to know, is the moon made from cheese? If it is, have you ever tried it?’ – Ivy.

‘What is your home made out of, to keep it help to the moon? Mine is made of bricks which are smooth and really heavy.’ – Hannah W.

‘On the moon, do you have any friends or family up there with you or is it just you? If you don’t, has there ever been anyone there with you? I know I could not manage without them.’ – Olivia.

‘For breakfast, I eat a breakfast bar and a banana. What do you eat?’ – Paul.

‘How do you keep yourself entertained? I usually play out on my bike or play on my computer.’ – Codey.

We’ve been problem-solving again!