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We’ve been problem-solving again!


Big Write Masters!

Over the last two weeks, we have focused on descriptive writing with Miss G. We have been looking at some tricky areas of English, such as personification and metaphors. On a Friday afternoon, we use our ‘Big Write’ time to write independently, using the techniques we have learnt and have the chance to show off our best writing. We thought carefully about what was behind the ‘mystery door’ and wrote a description of our setting. Please take a look at some of our fantastic work, we are very proud of it:

When I opened the rusty door, a massive breeze hit me. All I saw was a path with the trees bending over the path. At first, I thought it was quite spooky, but as soon as I put my foot in the mud, there was a crunch. I thought it was a branch falling from the trees. But then something caught my eye, it was a walking cat. I thought I was dreaming, until it started to speak. I ran down the narrow path until I came to a mouldy, old cave, but then the cat jumped out of the trees. I said, “Hello”, then the cat ran off into the foggy distance. Then, I walked very nervously into the cave. It was pitch black, as I felt my way along the wall I hit something. As I lowered my hands down, it felt like a rock. As soon as I reach the bottom, I felt something hard. There was a button. I pushed the button and then a light shone on the wall. It was a torch, but the thing next to the torch was no rock, it was a skeleton.

Charlie M

Open the brown, oak wood door, to enter a fairy tale land. When you enter, you will approach a crystal, clear misty pond, sprinkled with lily pads. The lily pads dance when the golden fish come up for a breath. You can smell the freshly, cut grass and the ripe, red Granny Smith apples dangling from the broad, oak trees. As I walk on, I come across a spotless, wooden bridge with only a robin perched on the railing, singing a magnificent song. Down by the lake, I spot a family of rabbits, all bundled across a small swing tied neatly to a towering, brown tree above. In eyes view, there is a sparkling ice sculpture, trickling as the sun’s beady eyes glare down. The sculpture is shaped like an angel, its arm souring above her head and her wings, each one the size of a king-sized bed, sweeping across her side. I the distance I can see another door leading out.


I can see a grey path next to an old, rusty swing which squeaks in the gushing wind floating by. I can see a pond with ancient grubby fish, slowly swimming around. The trees are getting so over grown, the ivy is hiding a beautiful, high, coloured statue. At the bottom of the statue, there is a sing saying, ‘Representing the secret garden’. There is an old man sat on a glass, thin chair. He can stay still forever, but he does not speak a word.


Pizza Expressing-it!

We’ve had a brilliant morning at Pizza Express! We’ve enjoying making own pizzas…and eating them!!

Almost ready!

Almost ready!

Reilly is getting ready to create his pizza. Don't forget to put your apron on!

Reilly is getting ready to create his pizza. Don’t forget to put your apron on!

Chefs in the making!

Chefs in the making!

Getting ready to create the pizza bases!

Getting ready to create the pizza bases!

Hard at work...

Hard at work…

Yum! Yum!

Yum! Yum!



Class 4 Reporters!

This week in our English sessions, we have been focusing on newspaper reports. We have developed lots of skills, including interviewing others. We interviewed staff around school, to get their side of the story. We then produced our own quotes to write up in our reports.



Here is some of our outstanding writing:









Practical Maths Fun!

On Friday, we tried our hardest during our practical maths session. We had to show good team work to solve problems.




Brilliant Bread Baking!

This week in our English sessions, we have been focusing on ‘Instructions’. We have put our skills to the test, following the instructions carefully to bake bread! We have had to use lots of different skills and worked hard as a team.





Wibble, wobble, wibble, wobble, jelly on a plate!

Today in our English session, we have begun looking at features to make a super set of instructions. In pairs, we had to verbally give our partner instructions to make fruit jelly or Angel Delight, using adverbs, time connectives and ‘bossy’ verbs.





Topic crime scene!

This afternoon, a crime scene had been left in the playground! We had to use our investigative skills to work out our new topic. We used the clues to help and discovered our new topic name; No Going Back! We have lots of exciting things planned, including our school trip to Pizza Express on Thursday 19th November.