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The Man on the Moon…can you hear us?

This week in our English sessions, we are focusing on the Christmas John Lewis advert – The Man on the Moon. In today’s session, we have written a letter to The Man on the Moon, including questions which we would like to ask him. Take a look at some of our questions:

‘Me and my family keep ourselves warm by turning the heating on, or occasionally putting the fire on in winter. It must be freezing on the moon, how do you keep warm, especially in the ice, cold winter?’ – Lily.

‘Now, I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do you do the same and if you do, where do you get your food from?’ – Olivia.

‘I really want to know, is the moon made from cheese? If it is, have you ever tried it?’ – Ivy.

‘What is your home made out of, to keep it help to the moon? Mine is made of bricks which are smooth and really heavy.’ – Hannah W.

‘On the moon, do you have any friends or family up there with you or is it just you? If you don’t, has there ever been anyone there with you? I know I could not manage without them.’ – Olivia.

‘For breakfast, I eat a breakfast bar and a banana. What do you eat?’ – Paul.

‘How do you keep yourself entertained? I usually play out on my bike or play on my computer.’ – Codey.


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One Response to “The Man on the Moon…can you hear us?”

  1. Reilly says:

    Isn’t the moon silent because he can’t here us? But by scientist research sound travels a lot slower in space then earth and sound travels a lot quicker under water!

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