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Lacrosse Efforts

Yesterday, the Lacrosse Team had some matches against other schools and they made it through to the knockout stage and even won one of their knockout matches before being defeated.
Although they didn’t win, Class 4 is still proud of them! 😉

Friday Rewards!

It’s Friday and in Class 4 two lucky children had won the GOLDEN AWARD! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lonnie The Learner. Anyway, back to the awards: the two children were Ivy and Reilly. Well Done! Listen, some good news, I have spotted many Outstanding Learners this week, someone even got two Outstanding Learner stickers! 🙂 Class 4 is great for Outstanding Learners so I’m glad I came here. They also are excellent writers and mathematicians!

‘Outstanding Learner’ Superhero!


Isobel is one of a few children who have won a contest at our school. The contest was to design an ‘Outstanding Learner’ superhero. Isobel’s winning superhero (shown above) is called Lonnie The Learner! In the contest, the prize was to get a teddy of the fantastic superhero you had created! 🙂 You might see a lot of him on the blog in his special updates, on who has been an outstanding learner and he will tell you how he is getting on!

The Lusitania


In Class 4 we have been learning about the Lusitania, a ship that traveled in 1915(in WW1). You may not believe this but it got shot down in one by torpedo! Many of us in class 4 had never even heard of the Lusitania until Mrs W told us about it and we even watched a film. The film was terrifying and so moving. We have done super writing and we hope to share it with you soon! 🙂